"There are companies that sometimes
represent the history of the territory in which
they can be found, treasures of an ancient tradition."


There are companies that sometimes represent the history of the territory in which they can be found, treasures of an ancient tradition. This historic tradition is one of talent, hard work and sacrifice. It is, above all, the history of people and their courage, important protagonists of our time and of a country that they contributed to making famous all over the world. The heart of this historic tradition beats in Carpi, an industrious centre in Northern Italy. Starting from the early 1900s, this town gradually developed a “fashion system” that from this little Emilian province soon became well known, acknowledged and sought after on a global scale. In the first decades of the last century, the art of weaving thin straws harvested from poplars and willows to form ribbons that were used to make valuable and elegant hats, became praised at international level. Then through the 60s and 70s, a textile and clothing division started up and thanks to this, Carpi soon became a real industrial pole for the manufacture of garments and above all knitwear.

This status is really remarkable considering that the production system was run by family owned businesses who more often than not operated from little, but efficient workshops with the contribution of workers, who as well as running a family household, also worked from home. In the early 70s, the volume of the orders grew at an unbelievable rate and the companies in Carpi soon realized the importance of adapting to market demands. With the same passion that they had employed in the creation of their family businesses, they transformed the small scale production models into solid industrial set-ups that made quality, research, competitiveness and style their primary objectives and it is from these fundamental bases that the fabulous story of Rosanna&Co.® begins.


Following the work ethic and tradition of the first generation of knitwear producers, in 1985, a company which is now known as “Creazioni Rosanna &Co.” was founded in Carpi. It soon became a leader in the sector for the creation and production of women’s garments. For over 25 years the company has pursued its objectives with determination and commitment, operating according to a number of strategic directives: innovation, research, quality, image and careful management of human resources. In an attempt to satisfy the needs of its growing clientele, the company has gradually developed a number of highly identifiable brands which in the last few years can be recognized in the line labeled “R and Co”, the first brand to be developed by the company on an international level. In the first few years of the last decade, the company responded to a continuous recognition and success on the market by further investing to raise its quality standards. This choice turned out to be highly strategic and this line represented the definitive step towards distribution on a global scale of our production that has always been and will be 100% Made in Italy.